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Makai Glass Creations ~ Fine Glass Art & Glassblowing Studio ~ Maui

Makai Glass Creations features unique blown glass sculptures inspired by the sea life and volcanic formations of the Hawaiian Islands. Visit Hawaii's newest and largest glassblowing attraction with a stop at Makai Glass Studio and Gallery. Prepare to be amazed as you watch the Makai Glass Team turn hot, molten glass into sculptures of waves, dolphins, whales, turtles, Lava Vases and Maui Storms right before your eyes! Each piece is created with the "breath of aloha" infusing it with their love for the islands and its inhabitants. Your piece is always an original and hand-sculpted right here in Maui, but we securely ship anywhere! Feel the spirit again and again by preserving your memory of the islands through Makai Glass!

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Custom Glass

Do you see a piece of Makai’s Glass that you want for your home or office, but perhaps the colors are not the best fit? Or would you like a beautiful piece that fits perfectly into that corner hutch or niche, but you just can’t find the right size?

 The artists at Makai Glass have an expert eye for beauty and can help you design and create a custom made piece that will sit perfectly in that hard to fit space you’ve always wanted to decorate.

Whether it’s similar to a piece you see anywhere on this website, or whether it’s a vision you’ve had all on your own—Makai Glass will walk you through the creative process from interior design to finished product and make that vision come to life! Creating your own custom piece is fun, rewarding, and you can be assured it’ll be made and signed with pure Aloha just for you!

Husband and Wife Whale Sculptures: A Custom Gift for the Bride and Groom
These beautiful whale sculptures were requested as a very special wedding present to a bride and groom. The Pacific humpback whales migrate through Maui each year seeking warm waters to mate. They swim side-by-side in this formation, and although the male is larger than the female, she always leads the way. They are suspended over a beautiful piece of Hawaiian Koa wood, with room left to add a little baby one day.

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