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Randy Schaffer's glassblowing career began as a result of an epiphany he experienced when observing his first demonstration in 1998. He fondly speaks of the captivating moment, "A fire drew me in, my heart lifted, and I knew my life's calling. The vibrant colors of the earth, the optical effect, and the translucent glow were an immediate inspiration. This path of inspiration quickly became my passion."

After receiving a degree in glassblowing and outdoor wilderness education from Southern Illinois University, Randy moved to Portland, Oregon, to continue pursuing his artistic career. During this time he worked with some of the finest glassblowers in America, developing his skills and creating his own unique designs while at Elements Studio (Portland, OR). The cooperation and respect that a glassblowing team develops together has been integral to guiding the way in which Randy lives his life.

In 2007, his ultimate dream was realized when he had the good fortune to move to the beautiful island of Maui to continue blowing glass at another studio, Da Factory. It was during this time that Randy would meet his current business partner and fellow glassblowing artist, Justin Brown. They joined artistic ventures in 2010 to form Makai Glass Creations.

Randy draws the majority of his artistic inspiration from the abundant, organic farm that he shares with his wife Chrissy, son Zion, and daughter Jahsolyn. This off-the-grid, intimate Garden of Eden is the ideal place for Randy's family and art to grow and blossom. In addition to the art of glassblowing, Randy enjoys diving   and playing volleyball on Maui's beaches. 

"I feel eternally grateful to be able to share my glassblowing talents with the world. There is so much that one can do with color, transparency, and light in glass that cannot be done with any other medium. Glass is lovingly blown, rolled, pulled, twisted, and shaped into a myriad of creations. The spirit of Aloha emanates from my art."

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